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problem seeing any products after Easy Populate Upload


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I uploaded 2000 item text file and it looks to be a successful upload with no errors, but it's also with no products visible afterwards. I'mnot seeing teh "new item" thingy I saw when I uploaded last time I used Easy Populate. Thsi is what I see after uploading the EP sample :



Easy Populate 2.41beta7 - Default Language : English(1)


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phplKnkOM

User filename: EP1054758923.txt

Size: 439

DateAvail was ----DateAdded was ---- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |


No products_model field in record. This line was not imported

Upload complete


I emptied the products_to categories table as well as the products and categories table .I have doen that before and then uploaded so I wsn't concerned about doing it. I had successful uploads after that last tiem I emptied. What should I look for??



Thanks in advance,

Keith Ronan

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no products model field is your clue.


EVERY product has to have a unique model number


And every product has to have EOREOR at the end of the row.

[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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