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The e-commerce.

New for how long?


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Hi all

I have been looking araound on my store and on other live shops powered by oscommerce.

They all look very good by the way.

Almost all of them has the "new product" infobox visible with the small arrow in the header of the box that links to the new products page.


This page always shows all the products in the shop. Not only the new ones but all of them.


Makes one think, how long should a product remain on that list. Forever, like it seems to be doing now, or say 2 weeks?


What do you think? And can this be altered not to just list the entire shop?


Just evening thoughts from me, thats all :)


/ Zipper

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I think it always list all of the items, normally 10 per page. You can fix it by finding the SQL query and either adding "limit 25" (or whatever) to the end or you could add a "where date > xxx". You would need to find out what the date variable is called and the correct format for xxx.

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