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Paypal order not showing up on my cart???


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I have read some others before about not liking the paypal module and saying to us the contribution that replaces it, is this why they dont like it. Because mine doesnt seem to be working properly, and the last two orders from paypal havent registered, anywhere in my admin panel. Do I have something not set up right, I did just upgrade to the new 2.2 version, and I dont know how I can test the paypal module. Is there a testing mode like with the credit card module. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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I have just recently brought my site up live and starting to get people to it.


I have May 14, 2003 snapshot installed and I am currently using the delivered Paypal module.


The problem, as I understand it, with the delivered module is that if the customer goes to Paypal during checkout, pays for the order, but then doesn't hit the "Continue" type button at the bottom of the Paypal "Payment Made" page, then their order is still in limbo in their shopping cart, so it hasn't been booked as an actual order and you don't know what they ordered, but you got a payment. I hadn't heard about anyone placing/paying for an order without even being a customer, unless you have a contribution applied for "Ordering without account". What I've done is put notices on the payment pages to alert the customer to ensure they hit the button on the bottom of the paypal page, so that their order is processed properly.


The Paypal IPN Contribution is so that when the order is paid for, the Instant Payment Notification email you get from paypal will include the items that were ordered, even though I don't think it gives you the shipping method. I also don't think it ensures the order gets booked in Admin, but I may be wrong about that. It is also suppose to address some type of security issue they say the delivered module has where the customer can book an order and not really pay for it, but I haven't had anyone explain that in detail. If I see an order paid via Paypal in my Admin, you can bet I'm going to Paypal to verify the funds were paid to me before I ship the order.


As far as testing, you pretty much need two paypal accounts to do it. I have a second account and I create an account, place a small order, pay for it via paypal(my second account) and then after testing, I go in on my receiving paypal account and issue a refund for the transaction.


Hope this helps.



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