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The e-commerce.

Live shop - speed info please


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I finished the job, finally. My client didn't want a domain name, so I got him a free .tk one (you know, from dot.tk), which redirects to the shop which I host for him in a sub-domain of my site.


Could you please enter the shop from here and let me know what the speed is like? I'm worried that his clients will leave if they don't get 'quick service'. And then I'd have to get him a 'proper' domain and transfer the shop. Scary!


Will change that click-through to a <refresh> soon, btw.

Oh, and don't place orders unless you're in desperate need of a crate of beer and you live in Rome. :wink:


Thank you and Thanks to everyone here for the help in the past few weeks. Love this place.

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Sorry, this is the link above:




I want to edit my posts!!! :?


The popup is very unprofessional IMO.


You can not edit posts because there is a newsserver running parallel with

this forum. And it doesn't work very well in general, we feel using the preview should be sufficient to avoid mistakes.




"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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k, refresh done.

Pop-up comes with the .tk domain. I hate them. He doesn't mind (for the moment :wink: )

Menu counts... good point. I can't remember which file to edit!

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a) I think you should make the left column a bit wider so the text doesnt wrap.

B) Maybe have some product images and descriptions.

c) Get rid of the default images in the top right of pages (login.php etc)

d) Sort out your Shipping/Privacy/Terms of use pages.


Think thats it for now ;)


Isn't ?2.99 expensive for a bottle of coke? :P

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Product images coming whenever the client is going to supply them to me. The shop is for current customers only, he knows them personally - it's an alternative to phone orders and there are no payment options.

So he doesn't care about the shipping etc. (for now).


?2.99 is for six bottles! :D

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