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The e-commerce.

PHP where to start?


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If someone wanted to learn about PHP etc. to create, modify and support a site based on the latest osCommerce tools, where would they start?


Assuming there is no prior knowlege other than understanding of some HTML.


What should they look at learning and what other software oackages should they look at?

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Two months ago I was in your same shoes. I had never seen php before and had some understanding of html and css. I dove right into osCommerce and after looking at the code, found it fairly easy to follow.


I don't fully understand it yet, and because of that I am going to get some books on it, but in my opinion, it's not to bad to pick up and learn.

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DITTO to leeezzzzaaardd's comments!


I too just dove in, been almost 2 weeks now. I found the code layout understandable and this site a tremendous resource.


Most of the changes your going to be looking for are in the forum or in a contribution. Most of the contributions layout the exacts you need to change to make your site work.


If your not a good learner by reading but by actually doing, DONT BE SCUUURRREEEDD! ;) It's all good.



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Definitely start by looking through the code. There are some very useful websites out there that have downloadable or online php manuals, code snippets, tutorials, etc.

Check out http://www.php.net and http://www.phpbuilder.com just for starters.

Regards, Wizzud

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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Two months ago I was in your same shoes.


Two years ago I got into it and i still don't fully understand it, but love it :satisfied:


The best advice I can give you is copy, paste, modify and test.

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My advise (and how I learned PHP) is also to grab some code, look at it, run it and look up the stuff you do not understand. The annotated manual of www.php.net is to this very day the best reference I can think of.

Check out www.hotscripts.com for thousands of examples.


I've also read some books to get an understanding of the very basics, like types (ie variables / arrays etc) which were somewhat threatening to me when I started.



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