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Question About payment module cc.php


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Im follow the structure of the payment module, specifically the cc.php, and I need to make a change to this script because I need to call a CGI with this syntaxis: cgi aut 4111111111111 12 03 1295, this CGI connects to Costa Rica (central america) with SSL, then, the server asnwer with this structure 0000-GT098388373676, the first 4 characters means if where accepted, rejected, etc.

I follow the CC.php and I note the place to call this CGI, is on the Process_button (checkout), the question is: How can I call a php script and when the process was accepted or rejected, return to the cc.php to update the checkout (after_processing)? the other question: Is there a contribution that works with this request (calling locally a CGI) intead of the cc.php? :roll:






PS; excuse me by my grammar and spelling.... :oops:

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