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The e-commerce.

Downloaded osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1 im a Newbie Please!


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You will have to install a webserver (Apache will do nicely) that is php aware and you will need MySQL. There are several installers for both Windows and Linux that will do it all for you, check out Hotscrips.com


Once you have all that running you can see how you should install osCommerce on http://wiki.oscommerce.com


That should get you started pretty much I guess



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this is really one of those things where you just need to upload the thing and use the install script its really just that easy. its no harder than postnuke or phpnuke or mambo or anyother software in fact i think its a little easier. JUst pay attention to the installation script it will need some changes if you do not put the admin directory inside the catalog directory which the docs said it did not recomend so i dont know why the scripts set up like that which is how i did it and i have had no problems since i fugured that out. unlik everyone else seems to have so i'd leave it out. but at any rate its really just that simple oh yeah and you have to set up your D-base too. nothing hard i'm just shy of retarded when it comes to this stuff and i figured it out. just do it its really easy upload the stuff and run the install script.

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