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Admin - adding update/insert button to product edit screen


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A little background - I would rather not have to enter data, then preview, then insert (or update); I would like to enter data, insert (or update), etc, etc, etc - then generate a PDF catalog to check for typos and such.


I got the insert/update button on the main edit screen no problem, but then the fun begins. It looks like the code stuffs all the data from the edit boxes on the edit screen into hidden form fields when you hit the "Preview" button, then when you hit the insert/update button on the preview screen the hidden values are used to generate the SQL statement.

Since the hidden values don't exist on the edit screen, it isn't possible to update/insert from there. I'm thinking maybe some kind of javascript to generate the hidden values and then hook into the php update code?


If anybody out there has an idea or a suggestion, I would love to hear it...


Best regards,


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