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Super Simple Q for osC guru


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I've gotta make some static pages, and it'd be so much easier to have ONE file call all the static files, that'll keep all the dynamics of osC going on, even when the pages are being viewed, but that I don't have to have all the redundancy of all the includes in each and every static page... I got it working using a simple variable through the URL, but it requires a ?, and I know certain search engines don't support that...


So, is there an easy way I could make a URL like articles.php/sawmills

create a variable "sawmills" that I can then use to make a require statement and stick a .htm to...


Like, user clicks link to Sawmill Equipment


It's link is www.mysite.com/shop/articles.php/sawmills


The "internal" file is www.mysite.com/shop/html_pages/sawmills.htm, but it's "required" through the articles.php using the "sawmills" variable, grabbed from the URL.


Noteice that i didn't use a ?, i need a slash, for search engine safety.


Can anyone help me out here?

- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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