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Contributions - Do they work for v2.2 MSI?


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If you go to the contributions page, you'll notice that most, if not, all the OSC contribution targets are 2.2-CVS. Does this mean that the contribution with a target of 2.2-CVS will not work on version 2.2 MSI? I have not tried to install any of these contributions yet because I would like to get input before I do. I really do not want to mess my site up if in fact these contributions are not meant to be installed on v2.2 MSI.



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My, my. The infamous Mr. Ron Seigel--spinning the words of other posters and not helping out at all. Just wasting space on the OSC forum.


Where in my posts have I indicated that I want someone to go through every single contrib and see if they work on MSI?




My second post to this thread was to politely tell you that I do not care to here from you, Ron Seigel.


You have proved to me on other replies to my posts as well as your replies to other people's posts, that you are a Drama King looking to start an arguement. I see you everywhere on this forum posting RUDE, SARCASTIC remarks that are obviously intended to spark a flame of anger within another poster in this community.


PLEASE, Ron Seigel, when you see a post by me, cxm322, just ignore it. I wish NOT to converse with you. I would tell you that I do nopt want your help, but you do not give any help anyway. Just snide, rude, sarcastic remarks to start a drama. Because you think that since you are a veteran in this community, you have the right to piss every newbie and anyone else that comes across to you as someone that does not know as much as you do. The only folks that do not see you in this light are other veterans that have become disgruntled and misanthropic as you have, Ron Seigel.


Please, go away, Ron Seigel. Far, far, far away. :roll:


Why don't you go dancing, or something, Ron? Perhaps taking up another hobby would make you a better person to deal with.


You can reply to this all you want, but I have programmed myself now to ignore all posts by you. Everytime I see you avitar, I start to convulse and gag. Ron Seigel. I just couldn't let this last one slide, because the last time you posted a reply to me, you told me something to the effect that you will not help me and that no one else here will either. Funny! You must have forgotten all this, eh!


Please, go away, Ron Seigel. Far, far, far away. :roll:

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When was a rude? I posted and I quote:


Some will...some won't. The only way to know for sure is to try it.


WTF is wrong with that?


It will be a frosty day in July when you have the power to tell me what and when I can post. I'll do whatever the hell I please and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Learn to live with it. In fact, I think I'll make it a point to reply to every single post you ever make here from now on. Of course, unlike you, I'll try to be helpful and polite. Get used to it. I'm going to be here a very long time. :wink:

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In fact, I think I'll make it a point to reply to every single post you ever make here from now on.


Ahhh! I see.


You have proved my point for me. Thank you for showing everyone that I am righ, Ron. You DO have nothing better to do and you DO post sensless replies. :lol:


Thank you, Ron (I thought I'd NEVER say that to you!).


You just like to be the thorn in everyone's side. I can appreciate this. I like to be a thorn, too. But not on forums and especially not this one. There is really no need for that.


Now, on with the thread. Any rational minded folks have any experience witht the subject of this thread?


Thank you, once again, Ron. You have been a GREAT HELP! As always! :roll:

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