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The e-commerce.

Very good change for affiliates.


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Hello I have a suggestion for the programmers of this adding of oscommerce: I am sure that serious a very good idea.

It would be possible to do that when affiliating sends

a buyer, This it is assigned the affiliated one of permanent form?

So that when the referred one returns to the store without happening again through the Web of the affiliated one it can perceive its percentage of the new purchase of the client. I believe that it is just.

If I help to that one tends bandage more and can grow and generate wealth. Let us put two examples:


1. - I have a vestibule with gratuitous contents and attempt to generate money with publicity by clicks or other forms. But if I do not have many visits, it is impossible to maintain the Web to me, Therefore I am condemned to disappear. I believe that this happens to him to much people. Some have in their Web more Banners than contained. (This it is a clear gesture of desperation and impotence)


2. - I have many visits and banners me proportion money. But whichever real clients I have...... None! That is 00000 and that if that is frustrating. A serious possibility that when the client sent by the affiliated one registers itself, a code is generated that directly relates it to the affiliated one. All it being able to be controlled by the affiliated one by means of a Control Panel. So that the referred envoys by affiliating do not have to return to again do click in banner of the affiliated one. Of that way the affiliated ones continue receiving their percentage. What treatment to explain is that a person anyone with a Web can get to generate her own portfolio of clients.


Subscript: That the possibility exists of increasing the days of relation by means of the cookies. But that is not controlable by the affiliated one. I am sure that one of the greater errors of this world that is Internet it is to try that the navigators adapt to Internet, when would have on the contrary to be. I explain myself: If I am a representative of a company and sent new clients to that company, in the labor world, those new clients they would provide a benefit to me whenever they buy something. Because in Internet this does not happen? I imagine that to the great companies it does not interest east method to them, since it would suppose an increase to them of the expenses.

Although they are continued asking because every year that happens, they lose money the 3 Cs: Community, Contents, Clients and to arrive at this nonsingle the client is due to take care of. It is so important or but the one that provides those clients.


If we affirmed that this world in that we lived is unjust, we cause that he is not it a single Man or Woman can mean the difference. I hope that they take in serious what they finish reading, can make change many things and to mean the definitive takeoff of the network. The great companies woke up of their lethargy and began to watch in the correct sense.


Very sorry for my very bad english.

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