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malformed URLs in links -- they repeat a directory twice


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I have osCommerce running on a Windows 2000 server with no problem for at least one installation. But on this other one, when you're at the login page for some reason the link URLs that should say things like




instead are saying




When I went into application_top.php and modified the directory in one place, it magically changes it twice, so the URLs then read like this:




Does anybody know what is causing these funny doubled URLs? And how to fix it?


Thanks in advance! :o)

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Check the settings in your includes/configure.php file.

Regards, Wizzud

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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I was all set to say "of course I've already looked at that file several times" but I tried it again and, indeed, I did spot a discrepancy between this configure.php and the configure.php that is working fine in the other installation.


Made the change, and sure enough that took care of the problem.


Thanks a lot for your help! :0)

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