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mis-posted: Broken categories when moving to new server


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I accidently mis-posted this to the tips seciton. Reposting here in hopes of getting a better audience...



>OK folks, first post, and I am not too green about this stuff, so please gimme hell if I missed something.


>I recently created a site with OSC-2.2 for a friend LOCALLY on his PowerMac (MySQL is a PAIN to set up on the Mac, especially when you don't use them...). This was a temp install so he could populate the items until I found him a hosting provider. I now have my own machines running a site (read admin rights) based on Linux that I want to put his site on as a named VHOST. Front page comes up fine, but I keep getting this message when trying to browse to any of the categories in the left pane:


"Object not found: /var/www/html/fod/catalog/default.php/cPath/27 "

and the standard 404 rigamaroe.


The apache logs aren't much more helpful, as they just give the standard "File not found:" message. Here is what I have tried so far:

-checked all permissions according to apache standard and OSC docs

-changed the catalog/includes/configure.php several times to try sparking something

-backed up the old dir and installed a fresh copy of OSC-2.2 in the same directory, and it works great

-coppied over the relevant images from the old dir and changed the default OSC-2.2 configure.php to reflect the correct database and user/pw (and that was the ONLY change to that file...); does the same thing as above


I have been trying to figure out exaclty what cPath is trying to do, but I am not to well versed in PHP and MySQL interaction, nor how PHP will build a virtual path from the default.php file. The install of OSC on my bud's laptop was vanilla except for the products he entered, and his company info in the admin tool. I have been over this support site a dozen times looking for an answer, but nothing jumps out and I am starting to go crazy trying to fix it while he bugs me from over my shoulder. He has approx. 4000 items in this db so far, so I really don't want to loose anything in MySQL. I have the phpmyadmin tool to make life easier, but I can manipulate tables from the command line if neccesarry.


Please post any help that you might think worthwhile, even if it's just a slap in the head for something I missed. Thanks in advance.




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In Admin - Configuration - My Store, have you got the 'Search Engine Safe URLs' turned on? If so, turn them off and try again.

Regards, Wizzud

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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