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Orders and Stock Not updating..


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I am using MS1 Paypal IPN v97 (-Any help would be enthuisatically appreciated!) :D


When Someone orders something from our site, it goes to paypal fine, it takes them back to the site fine, they complete the transaction. We get our emails blam the order is done..except....


Except our records don't show the order at all. It is acting like it was never ordered.


The only 2 changes I have made are

1. Created new Status's: Back Ordered and Shipped

2. Changed around the ordering of payment i.e



2 Shipping

3 Member discount

4 Customer Discount

5 Gift Voucher

6 Sub total

7 Total




I already deleted the Status Back ordered and Shipped to see if that fixed it but no good,


and I don't remember the previous ordering I had for the above,


Anyone know why my nothing is getting posted to the Admin when an order is processed? It "WAS" working and now it has stopped...





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I found that if someone orders something and pays with check/money order the process is sent correctly through our Admin.



But if they use paypal IPN it doesn't also the email that is sent doesn't include the Shipping address of the Purchaser? Its really wierd> here is what it look like:


Cycle Planet


Order Number: 15

Detailed Invoice:


Date Ordered: Thursday 29 May, 2003




1 x Sticker Test (none) = $1.00


Sub-Total: $1.00

Total: $1.00


Delivery Address







Billing Address







Payment Method


PayPal IPN


Should I reinstall the paypal IPN mod? It is just something small maybe something I missed?


Since there is no error message it is tough to trouble shoot

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reinstalled paypal IPN and changed the last setting to



Order Process: Default




Order Process: Pending


Works out better this way.


Thanks for looking. :shock:

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