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Shipping cost per item


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I just set up the shipping cost per item contribution.

There is one thing I would like to be able to do though, and that is to add the cost of each item to the total when checking out.

Unfortunately I don't have any php coding knowledge, so there isn't much I can do.

Can anyone help me out?


I set it up exactly as was stated in the readme except I used ?'s in stead of $'s. So I'm using weight to display the shipping cost.



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I used the Product Rate Contribution for this same feature you are looking for... It does exactly what you want....





This contribution modifys the weight field to be a shipping amount and It adds the shipping amount at check out...


A tip:: What I did on a smaller weighted item that used US postage and not shipping for 1-5 items I added 5 extra items, to equal the right postage of at least the 37 cent stamp, through the attribute feature. I left the shipping (weight) amount at 0.00. so you can leave the field at zero and it wont add any shipping to the item at checkout.


hope this helps



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that is the contribution that I used.

I follwed the readme, exactly except for replacing $'s with ?'s.


It is displaying the shipping amount in the product list, but not adding it to the total when you checkout.


One thing that I didn't find that was in the readme was

Step 8: 

Go to ( catalog/includes/modules/ 

Module ( product_listing.php 

find the text: 

$lc_text = ' ' . $listing_values['products_weight'] . ' '; 

change to: 

$lc_text = ' $' . $listing_values['products_weight'] . ' ';


but I did find in the file


$lc_text = ' ' . $listing['products_weight'] . ' ';

Which I changed to

$lc_text = ' ?' . $listing['products_weight'] . ' ';


Is that wrong, I assumed that was just something to do with me using 2.2 MS1 and not CVS.


Everything else was found correctly though.


Thanks for the reply


Oh and I didn't replace all $ with ?, just the ones I thought necessary, so I don't think I messed up any variables.

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I didnt have to change any thing as far as the currency symbol so maybe thats the problem. I had no problem at all. one thing I did fool with was the other shipping modules that I had already activated. I disabaled all but the product rate option.


in the configuration options in admin i have the package tare weight set at 1


the only thing I have enables is the product rate module in the shipping modules section of admin. set at 1 to enabe and 0.00 for the lowest value


I find that if I have a problem like that I start clean all over again and go through each step again slowly, making sure everything is done correctly. and I would change all the symbols required not just one you think are the ones you should do... that may be the problem... maybe you missed something crucial...


Im not a guru at php either so I cant help any more than that.

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Thanks buddy, it was stupid simple mistake of me not having the module enabled.


Anyway, atleast this is in the forum and may save some other poor soul from embarrasing themselves.




Thanks again :oops:

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great - Now if I could get the shipping cost to display on the product_info.php page just under the product decription. If you or any knows would be greatly appreciated... I have this mod installed so the weight is now shipping cost. I dont know much php. I need the code for it to display the cost and the words "shipping and handling" right before it.



thanks! :D



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