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I was wondering if someone knows of an OSCOMMERCE script that would allow my products that dont have pictures to just not list in the catalog? I have just imported over 45,000 products into my shopping cart and there is a bunch of images that arent showing up becuase i dont have them...but i just want these ones that dont have images to just automatically not show up...like there has got to be some option in OSC to tell the products not to list themselves if the cant find a picture? Is there anyway to do this? i really dont wantto searrch every product line in the csv file and erase the image file name for those imageless products...becuase it would take forever...any suggestions?


thanks in advance!



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can anyone think of a script that would search through my 45,000 plus products and automatically turn those products which dont have images OFF and unlist them in the shopping cart ? (they have the image names in the excel, but the images themselves are not uploaded yet)


This would save me an immense amount of time...



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One shortcut (would still be a couple lines of hacked code)

would be to try to find the sql query where the (tep_db_query) checks your database for products,

default.php, product_info.php, and index.php (index and default are the same but both need to be changed, just copy one over the other when you're done)


sql statement is usually like this

$some_variable = select stuffinthedatabase from yourdatabase_sometable where (some condition like whether product is available or not)

after that where statement (if it's not there already, add it)

add a statement like products_image != ""

where products image is not equal to null, so if the picture isn't there...

and I have any clue what I'm talking about, the product will be skipped by the db query if it doesn't have an image


There's probably plenty of ways to hack it.

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