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DB error in account info had to restore DB to resove????


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I encountered a problem last night with my live shop and it was quite puzzling. No recent updates had been made to the code, so I can't understand why this problem happened. After logging into the store and going to "my account" none of the customers contact information was displayed. I immediately logged into the db to see any issues with the data. All was fine. I went back into the admin and the problem was there also. I tried to re-enter the personal info and upon update, I received a SQL error. The good news is that I do nightly backups and there were no new orders since that backup so I restored the database and all was fine. My concern, is what would cause such a problem. Has anyone ever experienced a problem like this? I will be watching it like a hawk and now I'm backing up every few hours to prevent loss of sales info in the event of a problem again, but it makes me very nervous.


Ruth in AZ

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We had a problem today with the DB tables. The admin had to restart the server and a table got corrupted.

You might be able to check with phpMyAdmin if there is a problem with one of the tables. Go to SQL query and type:


CHECK TABLE <tablename>. If it gives you an error, you can try after a backup (maybe excling the corrupted tables) to execute REPAIR TABLE <tablename>. This worked for us.


There is also a command line command for MySQL: myisamchk. You need to backup and shut down and you should know what you do in order to not mess anything up.





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If your server is running CPanel and MySQL v4 then you are going to have troubles and will need to ask your host to downgrade to MySQL v3.23.

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