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split categories


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Maybe not the right topic-titel, but here is what i'm trying to do.

I've created a new menu, and included layers in it. Now i have a menu 'components' and a menu 'software'. When the mouse is moved over Components, its shows everything where the parent_id is 1.

When a ad the same code to the layer Software, it shows all the categories where parent_id is 1 and 2.

I did change the query, and i've renamed the function.

But how can i get rid of the categories in the layer software where parent_id is 1.


I'v tried to use


But that removed everything, even when i rename $foo in the second script to $foo_soft.


To make it a little more clear this is what it supposed to look like:




  |---layerhardware--|   |---layersoftware--|

  |                  |   |                  |

  |show categories   |   |show categories   |

  |where parent_id   |   |where parent_id   |

  | = 1              |   | = 2              |

  |__________________|   |__________________|

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