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The e-commerce.

Couldn't have done it without your support


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First I want to thank the everyone for all the support I've received while setting up my new online catalog. Being a novice it was quite a challenge, but, I made it through. I've had the site live now for about a month to test it and get the kinks out (thank goodness for the patience of a few customers who found a glitch that needed fixing).


With all the hard stuff behind me, I would really welcome any ideas and feedback that could take the site to the "best" level. Please don't mind the lousy graphics....new ones are in the works, but I wanted to get this up and running.




Thanks again,



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Looks nice! :D


Here's a few things I would address:

-Remove the currencies box if you only offer one choice.

-You have two sections named: "Quick Find". The section on the bottom may be better suited as a site map on it's own page.

-Might want to consider having the boxes on the left OR right columns. But not both. (tell a friend and enter to win are on both sides.)

-Personally, I don't like the font used in the header. (Strengthening child care one visitor at a time.) I would remove the italics and reduce the size as well.

-All of your page titles still say osCommerce. This doesn't bookmark well.

-Change 'Top' to 'Home' in the breadcrumb trail.

-You should probably remove the Advanced search link and page. It's confusing because you left 'manufacturers' and 'date from/to' on the form.

-The banner in the header needs a box around it or a background to match the rest of the header.


Again, nice job. Looks like you have a lot of good products and info.

Good luck!!!

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I loked your suggestions and will work them through. Thanks. A fresh pair of eyes catch what we can't see when working so closely with a project.




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I think the site's looking good!


I'd make the logo a little larger - it's kinda lost up there - mabey incorporate the text "strengthening one child ....." etc ... into the graphic so that you can use a nicer/smoother font.


The intro text is a bit wordy - perhaps make a new page called "how To Shop" and link to it from a smaller amount of intro text?


Interesting store...



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I noticed in your column_left.php, you have a "site news" info box. In it you need to change:

Check our our all new web site.


You probably wanted it to say: "Check out our all new web site."


And also in your header under the advertising banner you have:

Log In | My Profle | Cart Contents | Checkout | Main Site Home


"My Profle" is also spelled incorrectly. You left the "i" out that goes between the "f" and "l".


Those were just a few things I noticed. Aside from that though, nice looking site :)

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One more thing, you may want to to change the title of your site. Its still the default oscommerce title. Change it in /catalog/includes/languages/english.php. Look at around line 45-47 for this:

// page title

define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');


Change "osCommerce" to "childcare.net" or whatever you want.

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