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Can't find configure.php files to set permissions


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I downloaded Preview Release 2.1, and printed out the osCommerce Wiki "helpInstallNew" instructions. I uploaded everything per these instructions. I'm trying to set permissions for:





But I don't have these files.


Apparently, these are not the correct instructions. I looked at the "install" document downloaded with the zipped file, "Quick Installation Steps" and don't see anything about setting permissions. Am I missing something? Are there any fuller instructions I should be working from?

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Looks like somebody needs to update the link on the "Download" page. The version I used that you're talking about is still up there.


I wish it were just the instructions that were off. Uploading takes forever.

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How are you uploading?


For example, did you download the file from osC to your local system and then unzip it and then FTP it to your remote server?


If so, that is such a waste of bandwidth and time.


Let me know if you would like to know how to do it faster and easier.

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Yes, please tell me how to improve this process. I have satellite, which, when it comes to uploading, I think is WORSE than dialup. I use FTP explorer, which can't even handle individual folders, I have to manually go through and create each one. It's a very intense, boring, time consuming process I have to babysit an entire evening.


I usually use Dreamweaver, so I haven't wanted to invest in a better FTP I will rarely use.

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