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Security Advice - Especially For UK catalog owners


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Ive setup my catalog and I have used .htaccess files to protect the admin directory

I am also in process of setting up a ssl certificate.

At the moment these are the only 2 security methods I have used to secure my catalog. What else can I do ?


It is very important my catalog is as secure as possible because I will be storing credit card numbers online and processing them offline using a PDQ machine.


I am allowed to do this as my bank has given me permission. I used to use Actinic catalog before but this does not store credit card numbers in clear text on webserver.


I would also like to hear from people in the UK who are doing something similar to me. It would be interesting to know what methods they are using to prevent chargbacks (fraudelent transactions)

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What else can I do ?

The credit card payment module has a feature that crosses out the 4 middle digits in the credit card number and emails them to you separately.

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