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Sessions / Cookies - Really needing help


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Ok, when a customer goes to log in, I am getting the cookies need to be enabled screen that i added to login.php. No matter how low i put the security settings, I always get that screen. I assume that it is because the session is not starting. I have looked at the php directory sessiondata and find that a file is being created..


I hope someone will reply for me. I have been having this problem for weeks and can't figure it out. Even just a point in the right direction would help.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I had some problems also. I replied in another post on what I did to patch the problem until the developers could look at. http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php...ghlight=cookies


What happens is a cookie called cookie_test is set when your store is first accessed. If you have force cookie usage set to TRUE in admin the script checks to see if the cookie_test cookie exsists. If it does not exsist, you are redirected to the need to enable cookies page. If it does, then the script proceeds as normal


What I found was happening was that the cookie was not being properly set due to fact that the function that determines the url was not working with the URL I was using. As mentioned in my other post, the workaround for me was to hard code my URL


I have not had any feedback so I am not sure if it works for anybody else.

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