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Blacklist e-mail address???


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Is there a way to blacklist e-mail addresses??? A customer (or non-customer I should say) created an account and tried to use a stolen credit card. I deleted his account, but noticed later that he created it again using the same e-mail address.


I noticed that there is a contrib that blacklists credit card numbers, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. Any suggestions???

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suggestion: don't use technical barriers but use human ones...

a) don't process his orders

B) make him think that his account is still unnoticed as "stolen card"


people with stolen cards tend to fake IDs on demand... so blacklisting hist email is probably just a measurement till he uses another one... and you have the whole process again without knowing it's that bad guy... as long as you see him he won't do additional harm :)

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check his IP - if it's a static IP then just add an appropriate line to your .htaccess or any router in front of your shop to drop packets from that single IP ... that's way more effective as he can't even reach your shop and will hopefully think your shop is defunct :) ...


keep watching on his "profile" ... what he wanted to buy and when... shipped to what place - that will probably be helpful if he comes back to your shop with another ID and other email... but still wants to buy the same products to the same (or nearby) place...

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ps(2): just get used to those folks and employ good cc-checking ... the nature of your shop attracts CCfrauding somehow (especially from underaged people) ...


if you still want to block his email then consider modifying

function tep_validate_email($email)


there you just need to place a comparison line

right after the function declaration...


if ("[email protected]" == $email) return false;



... if you have more of those folks, then wrinting an addon-module and hooking it there should help (include)...

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I would also like to have an automated solution, if you have a high order volume, doing things like this manually does not work.


I have a database on another server, with blacklisted customer details, like name, address, phone, IP address. It serves as a central fraud database where many shop owners can contribute to the backlist.


What I am trying to do is modify the order process, so that once an order is entered into the database, a second database connection is established to the other server, and all order details are compared to the blacklist. If there is any kind of match, for any of the fields, I want to set a field in the order table for this order to indicate this, and then in the os commerce admin Order screen, I want to have a red dot or so next to these orders.


I did some other modifications to the checkout process before, but this seems a bit complicated for me.


At what stage would I best do this check in the external database, where would I put and include the functions? I don't want to slow down the order processing before they get to the confirmation screen, that is very important.


If anyone is interested in working on this, let me know.

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