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Tips for Searching These Forums


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I know that I've seen twenty posts within the last week where people new to these Forums have said they searched for the solution to the problem they were having out here, but got "No Results".


There is one simple trick that I have seen mentioned out on numerous posts, so I thought this might be an appropriate place for it.


Anytime you do a search of these Forums, always place asterisks (*) around your words. You will most definitely get results. You may get a bit more than you asked for, but you can narrow it down from there.


As an example:


I have a problem with sending out emails on Paypal orders.

If I search for 'Paypal AND orders AND email' I get nothing.

But if I search instead for '*Paypal* AND *orders* AND *email*' I get my results.


The asterisk can sometimes make all the difference. So next time you get NO results from a search, put an asterisk before and after your search words and see if that doesn't make a difference.



If I build it...they will come.

If I don't try to build it.....I will never know!

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Hank, I've fairly savvy when it comes to online forums and whatnot, but it had not occurred to me to use asterisks (wildcards). I am one of those that usually find my answer but have recently run into trouble. There are indeed thousands upon thousands of posts on this great forum, and it is no small task to find what you're looking for. I'm sure, however, that everything we want is here somewhere. I've been 99.5 percent successful. THANKS FOR THE TIP! :D

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