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sitetracker code not able to be read - php to html?


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I have no idea about this one, so I'm hoping someone else does.


I recently signed up to sitetracker.com and got my bit of code which I need to insert to all pages I want tracked. They have a "verifier" set up that tells you whether the code is inserted properly and it doesn't see that it is there.


When I emailed for support I received this answer:

Ok heres the Answer. You need to insert a Language Definition to tell  

the system that your page is going to run from PHP to our code in HTML  

and then back to PHP again. This way the system knows to stop and  

transition over to HTML when it gets to our code on your page. Then the  

system will read the entire page and start tracking the stats correctly.

Unfortunately we do not use PHP in or on our systems to be able to tell  

you how to write the Language Definition. You can find out though by  

going to http://www.w3schools.com, here you will find your answer.


Does anybody have any idea what this means? I went to the suggested site but have no idea what I am supposed to be looking for.







I haven't lost my mind - I have it backed up on disk somewhere.

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Sounds like nonsense to me.

from what i know of sitetracker it is just javascript. they must mean the <script language="javascript"> tag? which, in looking at your site, you have.


the only thing that ever sees the php in a page is the parser, and it obviously already "knows to stop and transition over to HTML" when it sees the a ?> tag.

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Yeah it sounds like rubbish to me too. I just want to get some expert advice to go back to them with. They have been most unhelpful.


The code is:


<!--Begin SiteStats Code May 24, 2003--><STYLE>.ivanC10537090983862{position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}</STYLE><DIV CLASS=ivanC10537090983862 ID=ivanI10537090983862><A HREF=http://sitetracker.com CLASS=ivanL_SI TARGET=_blank>FREE counter and Web statistics from sitetracker.com</A></DIV><script language='JavaScript' src='http://redinstead.sitetracker.com/cgi-bin/sitestats.gif/script/10537090983862'></script><noscript><a href='http://redinstead.sitetracker.com/cgi-bin/sitestats.gif/map'><img src='http://redinstead.sitetracker.com/cgi-bin/sitestats.gif/img' border=0></a></noscript><!--End SiteStats Code-->



I haven't lost my mind - I have it backed up on disk somewhere.

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