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PayPal IPN => Is this how it works?


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Hello there,


I installed osCommerce 2.2 MS1 and PayPal IPN Module 0.971. So far it works fine, but then no billing and shipping address in confirmed mail that is sent to customer after transaction completed. But I found something and I would like to have your opinions and if someone already did this modification then I don't have to re-write it.


PayPal IPN process:


1. After customer checks out and completes these step Delivery Information -> Billing Information -> Confirm -> now click on Confirm Order to go to PayPal. It calls this checkout_paypalipn.php. Before sending information to PayPal, it inserts cart content into orders table with orders_status = 9999. So if the customer close the PayPal windows or do not complete payment at PayPal .... this order is already created in orders table. With this, you can see this order in Admin under orders tab, but actually...this order is incompleted and no payment... you then have to delete it. Is it confused?


2. If customer finishes the payment process at Paypal then:

If it's verified and completed, it will update this orders_status in orders to the value of MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ORDER_STATUS_ID which is 0 by default. Otherwise the orders_status is 9999. When the orders_status = 0 in order, you can't see this order under order tab in Admin ... so you can't use admin to update or edit this order.


Do I miss something here or is it the way it works with IPN 0.971?

Based on this, I would like to make these modifications:


1. If they checkout order, but did not complete this order by canceling it out => order_status = 8888 (Incomplete) so Admin can delete it.


2. Is they are verified and completed the status_order = 1 (Pending) so Admin can check it at PayPal to see if the money is there to update this order to next step (I think all I need is change value of MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ORDER_STATUS_IS = 1 instead of 0 (default).


3. Other case like pending status or invalid from PayPal...then orders_status = 9999 (unchange) so admin can check them out to delete or update it.


Anyone has this problem and did you fix it? If you did fix it please reponse so I don't have to modify it.


Please excuse my English.


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