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Does oscommerce maintain credit card details in database?


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OSCommerce does store credit card numbers. The MS1 version stores them in the admin under Customers--> Orders. The numbers can be seen on this page. There is a contribution available to "*" out several of the credit card numbers in the admin. It CRITICAL that you protect your admin in a working store not only by password but also by a SSL certificate. Instantssl.com sells them starting at $49.00 and other sites have free and nearly free certificates. Do a search in google using SSL certificates anf you will get a myriad of information and prices.




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it stores them if you are using an offline order process, but if you are using authorizenet or something similar, the information is passed to the gateway and not stored in the db


you definately must use SSL and as Mark1 notes, Instantssl or Geotrust are inexpensive and very very good, and that you password protect the admin folder


also if you are taking offline orders, you should use the contribution to wipe cc numbers as you are finished with them (but at the same time you should make a backup of that table and keep it on your local machine just in case you get a chargeback.....)

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