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sql cleanup for going live


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I have entered all my products and done my tesing. Now that i am going live, what do i need to cean out from the database? I tried emptying orders but when new orders are placed. it all gets automatically marked as delivered. I am afraid i might empty the wrong things. Could anyone direct me in the right direction?


I just need to keep everything to do with products and configuration and just need to clear up all the test orders that accumulated over the last 2 months

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You can clean all tables that names begin with 'orders' with phpMyAdmin or something. This will erase ALL orders.

There is always more than one way to do it.

And always Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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i have tried that but somehow when new orders are placed, their status is automatically set to delivered and it seems to mess up the order status. or am i missing out something?

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To change the status your orders default to, you need to change your settings in your admin.


1) go to your admin


2) Go to Localization


3) Go to Orders Status



You must make a decision as to what you want your default to be. For simplicity's sake, I use pending. Here is how you change the default.


1) Click on the pending line


2) Click edit


3) Click the "set as default" box.


4) Click update



If you want to add a different status name:


1) click insert


2) type the name of the new status


3) If you want it as default, be sure to click the set as default box.



Your orders should fall into the deafult status now. :wink:





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