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The e-commerce.

i don't think we're in kansas anymore Toto...


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Hi all, just another Newbie making an entrance, call off the national guard.


I'm a novice developer from sunny queensland australia who has just stumbled upon what appears to be something that will revolutionise the way people exchange goods and services.. assuming the community ever gets out of the gutter of bitchiness it appears to have decended into :roll: ahh well what can ya do.


First, cheers to Harald and all the team, i've only had a few days to investigate but OSCommerce appears to rock :D and straight off the press it will save my first ever client aus$300 over the solution they had chosen, and in future once i know what i'm doing i'm sure the benefits will continue to steamroll.


I have never done PHP so i'm in for a steep learning curve, a cliff to quote someone's nic, but hopefully that will be worth it.


As mentioned in some threads the search either leaves much to be desired, or simply nobody is talking about what newcomers need to hear anyone think of that?


Like most developers, i am running to a time limit and can't sort through reems and reems of forum topics looking for common answers.


What i would like to see (i'm sure it exists i just havent' found it) is a list of recoommended contributions. As noted by Harald, add-in modules quite rightly should not be packaged with the distribution as different people will have different needs. However most of the Believers out there will have vast experience to draw on which could save the rest of us some heartache. Harald is on track calling for contributions to be considered for inclusion, however i'm just after a list of those known to be stable and useful in a common store situation. Bearing in mind there appears to be over 500 current contributions on the OSC site.


perhaps a country specific guide for the majors (UK, US, AUS, DK etc) that utilise osc. whilst it appears to be so robust and complete that it could handle major enterprise, at least at my level of thinking this is a small business solution, enabling a familiar developer to potentially web-automate ANY local small business.


that's the way i'll be attempting to go anyway, no i know what i could achieve with it.


fun for all the family.


oh for those interested its a clothing store with about 20 odd products and i'm gonna have REAL fun trying to work out how to code in multiple sizes and colours at some stage before the add-to-cart :lol: :?


wish me luck. And despair not about humanity apparently forgetting the code, there's replacements discovering it anew all the time :)



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you've gotta be faaaaarkin kidding me.... :roll:


that REALLY needs to be more prominent steve... though i'm not sure where :) I came across osc from SourceForge, which i guess is the international perspective, i never suspected it had a following big enough for a community back home, and nothing i read or came across led me believe otherwise...


oh well, cheers for the link :mrgreen:


but a bit late now... gone live : http://www.slimwear.com.au


i'm sure it'll help me out in future though :)

And thanks for the paymate and auspost stuff steve, really helped.

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