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problem with 0519 snapshot


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upgrading to cvs 0519


I have an issue with the 0519 snapshot as ther is a primary index on the

address_book_id in the adress_book table when i try to change it so that the indexes match it i get an error


here is the index currently:


Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field

PRIMARY PRIMARY 522 Drop Edit address_book_id


idx_address_book_customers_id INDEX 522 Drop Edit customers_id






ADD PRIMARY KEY ( `address_book_id` )


MySQL said:



Duplicate entry '1' for key 1


can anyone help i am trying to use phpmyadmin to match the latest cvs i think it is because it switched between address_book_id being autoincrement and not


but my knowledge of how indexes work is very limited

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# Table structure for table `address_book`




CREATE TABLE address_book (

customers_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0',

address_book_id int(11) NOT NULL default '1',

entry_gender char(1) NOT NULL default '',

entry_company varchar(32) default NULL,

entry_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',

entry_lastname varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',

entry_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',

entry_suburb varchar(32) default NULL,

entry_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',

entry_city varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',

entry_state varchar(32) default NULL,

entry_country_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0',

entry_zone_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0',

PRIMARY KEY (address_book_id,customers_id),

KEY idx_address_book_customers_id (customers_id)



can anyone help i am trying to make it match the cvs for 0519 but i keep getting errors

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i don't understand the relations ship between:


customers_default_address_id (table customers)




address_book_id (table address_book)


if the address_book_id has the be unique (auto-increment primary index)

what is the customer_default_address_id

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one is for the main address, the other is for additional address book entries.


to upgrade your table use myPHPadmin and use ALTER instead of DROP/CREATE... that simple...


hint: create a user on your own, check his UID and create a few addresses ... you'll see how the tables corelate

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ouch i had go through the customer`s table and manually renumber the default address id as all address ids are unique in the address_book table (autoincrement)


thanks for the help


- Kevin

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