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Payment Module Request And Help


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Hi there!

i am new at php scene and oscommerce was a really good exprience for me to understand and improve my knowledge, but i don't want to take risks about payment... :oops:


i want to make the customers pay in a secure page of my bank.


<form name="form" method="POST" action="https://nonamebank.com/works/cyberpos/geoos.asp">


the required fields are :


* Customer number: <input type="text" name="customernoname"> - can not be used twice

* Customer Name: <input type="text" name="customernoname">

* customer mail: <input type="text" name="emailnoname">

* Checkout Return Screen: <input type="text" name="checkout_approve.php"> - return to my site when valide finish

* Total : <input type="text" name="total no name">

* Type of payment : <input type="text" name="topnoname" value="0">

* Language of Payment screen: <input type="text" name="lng" value="eng"> - eng, spanish etc etc

* Test Payment: <input type="text" name="testnoname" value="0"> Real Payment 0 - Test Payment 1


if anybody can help me i will be very greatfull


I couldn't find any bank of my country in the contb.


thank you again.


Please show me the door morpheus! 8)

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You can take any payment module and modify it for your bank, but this require some time and manual reading :)

There is always more than one way to do it.

And always Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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