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Multiple Tax for US stores


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Well, I wonder if anyone has run into this before.

One company two locations (NY & CA) with one web site.

Must charge tax for orders ship to either NY or CA.


I can config osC to do one but not both.

Any ideas? (I know the problem with local city tax.)



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Create tax zones and activate the tax rates for those cities only for those zones.



zone ca (would cover California)

zone ny (would cover New York)


Then goto tax rates and activate tax rate for California but only in zone CA then activate tax rate for New York but only for zone NY


Should solve your issue.




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Thanks wolfsnack. Well, it does not work. Here is what I tried.

Tax Zone: Zone CA, Zone NY.

Tax Rate: Rate CA, Rate NY.

Tax Class: Taxable Goods.

Store located in NY.


Very interesting results:

*user is registered using a CA address but ships to different addresses.

order ship to CA: CA tax only.

order ship to NY: CA tax + NY tax.

order ship to other states: CA tax.

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