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The e-commerce.

Some advice please


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Hi all,


I have now set up a number of sites using ians loaded 5, and some mods like cross sell, column controller, easy populate, all prods etc. Ive uploaded and configured these stores for people.


Now when it comes to upgrading, some will some wont, but its going to be a lot of work.


I know there is CVS, but i dont know enough about it. I have looked on there website and it was still a bit confusing.


Could someone please give me a rundown of exactly how it would benefit me and how i use it, also what does it do? Do i have to upload stuff to my clients sites? Or can i use it with the main Os CVS.


Some plain simple english explanantion would be very gratefull not only to me but others too i believe. I might even write a little article on it too if i understand enough, to help future newbies.


regards and thanks in anticipation!

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the CVS version is the developers version - 2.2MS1 was the last official release version and CVS picked up where MS1 left off and is being worked on daily


can it be used as a live site - yes...


but the CVS version is in a constant state of change as the code continues to get cleaned up and modifed

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Thanks for that. I understood all what you said already.


What I was trying to get at is. I have a demo store, and using the cvs would be good for keeping this upto date. But what about my clients store. When V3 comes out, i will need to upgrade a few stores, heavily modded stores at that. So i want to use CVS to keep track of what i have done (if this is the right usage of it). But i dont understand how it works, how it will help me upgrade at future dates, do i have to install stuff. I understand stuff is checked in and out, does this mean when i make a change in future, that past changes are automatically added to new files etc.


Does that make sense :shock: :?

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