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Shipping Table Weight


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I cant get this to work :(


My settings are:


In admin,under "Table rate"


Do you want to offer table rate shipping?

= True



Shipping Table



this means up to 20 grams= 5 kr

up to 100 grams=10 kr



Table Method

The shipping cost is based on the order total or the total weight of the items ordered.



Settings under admin/Shipping/Packaging


Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship 5000 (meaning 5000 grams=5 kilos)

Package Tare weight. 300

Larger packages - percentage increase. 10



Then i put a weight on a product 15.0 (meaning 15 grams)


And when i checkout I get 30 kr in table rate cost :(



Does anyone knows how this works and should be set up?

Have i forgotten something?



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  • 2 months later...

The problem lies in TARE weight field. Here the system assumes the packaging you ship in has weight and adds to the toal weight. Therefore, your weight category falls into 500 grams range (300gm Tare weight + 15 gm actual product).


If you're to operate in real environment, you need to factor in weight of packaging that will go into each package. This weight factor is reflected in tare weight field.


Thought I'd just put up my understanding anyway, even if this post is so long ago.

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