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I have a big and unsolveable problem

My shopping cart not work.

When i buy a product i see it in shopping cart, if i buy another product the first one dissapearing. When i try to make a order with one product in shopping cart, my cart is EMPTY after i put in login and password


Why can it be?




thanks in advance

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got same problem


provider possible had changed php version - so /tmp/ dir is not acccessable. 'mysql' as sessions doesn't work propetly


using 2.2ms1


i suggest the problem is with sessions.


btw adiemus, do u host at valuehost??? i've encountered such problem 3 days ago. shop worked already dor half a year and this problem appears only 3 days ago...


anyone? :?

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here's reply from provider:


"We have updated our software so from the moment on direct access to the session files is prohibited. You should disable direct access to session files in your scripts . Use php's built-in sessions procedures instead"


Need help.


Thanks in advance


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Maybe you could switch from sessions storage to database storage. There's a choice made in the install procedure, but if you check out your configure.php files, there is probably a line in there that can switch this over. Good luck trying to get your host to clarify things, most I've dealt with suck in that department, they expect everyone to be a wizard, and have little sympathy for the technopeons that populate the world! Jeremy

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