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Unable to go from Delivery Information Payment Information.


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I am unable to go from Delivery Information Payment Information at the checkout process for a new website i am building.


The website is www.healthyremedies.biz/catalog/default.php

Here is the login so you can test:

[email protected]


There is only one product added for testing in Daily Health category.


I am using the Loaded5 Theme OSC theme Dezina_Dove. The only payment method I have is paypal. I hae shipping methos of table, flat and zone enabled as well. I have tried uploading the original files that came in catalog, but that did not resolve the proble. i have not made any code changes to any pages, just added categories.


Any help is greatly apprciated. IF any one needs the code I an using for any page let me know so I can paste it.[/b][/b]

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Do your products have weight and are the Free Shipping and Free Payment modules on?


The current ones used in Load 5 need them on.


I re-wrote them in the Downloads Controller v5.3 so that they do not need to be on and are based on the Payment orders_status in regards to the management of downloads if you use those.


You would then want to clean up the Shipping and Payment modules and remove the IF statements on the $this-enabled line as that is no longer needed.

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Can you send me the Controller v5.3 download link. My produsts are health products and they do not have weights on the items.


Ajeh, if I download Controller v5.3, and replace the PHP pages on my catalog, will this resolve my problem?

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You will want to use Beyond Compare or something similar and update your pages after making a good backup.


The Downloads Controller v5.3 is in the contributions.

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This did not resolve my issue. Does any one know how I can configure LOADED5 to calculate and show taxes for individual products at the confirmation page.


What I get is the taxes added to each product, i want the original price to show and the taxes to show seperately for each product.



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