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weird behavior in admin with netscape and konqueror


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Has anyone had similar problems?... I can enable modules with konqueror, but I can not disable them (red light to green light, but not green to red). I've clicked on that red light a thousand times, but still nothing. Then I switched over to netscape and it had no problems disabling the modules. This is with MS1.


I can't login into admin with netscape in loaded 5. If I switch to konqueror, I can login, but again, I can't disable modules.


I don't like the toss up of being able to login and not disable modules, or being able to disable modules and not login. Does anyone have any feed back on this? Thanks.

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i'm using konqueror (3.1.1) and Netscape 7.6 without problems in admin section (only hint: never use border-width for listboxes in your css - or netscape will mess them up) :)


are you sure you're clicking on the correct part of the button - one side enables, the other side disables... both are very easy to miss

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I'm sure I'm clicking the right buttons in konqueror. I'm using konqueror 3.0.0, and I have no problem disabling modules in netscape. Is anybody else having this problem?

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I'm using linux.
On purpose? :wink:


I guess I should have known that from your references to Konqueror.


I wish I could remember where in the RedHat Linux installation I saw it, but they had a warning saying something like even though your computer's hardware worked fine with Windows it might not work with Linux because Linux makes "better" use of the hardware. OK? :?


I can't help much with Linux. Are you using SSL for the admin? I have seen weird behavior when using SSL and saving/caching encrypted pages to disk.

In olden times the men were made of iron and the ships were made of wood; now it's the other way around. :wink:

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