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I was doing a test order on my store as I thought everything was complete. However, on the checkout page, instead of giving an option of choosing which shipping zone the customer is in (I created 6 shipping zones in the admin control panel), all I get is the following!:


"Shipping Method


This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.

Zone Rates

The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time ?0.00"


My shipping zones are based on countries and the option is enabled in the admin area. How come it's not letting the customer choose which zone he/she is in to pay shipping!?


Please help


How can I get osCommerce to allow the customer to pick which zone he/she is in at checkout so they know exactly what they are charged at the time of checkout?


I already created the zones but they do not show up on checkout :evil:


My shop was supposed to be up and running ages ago but I keep running into so many bumps along the road. I know there are some osCommerce experts in here so help me out!



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Hi samsamsam.


The zones (DK UK US) defined in the Zones in admin relates to the zone defined in country, state, when the customer creates an account.

I guess you're missing these zones.

You have to have these zones installed too, and you can find them in the contribution area.


If the customer creates and uses a new shipping address for this order, then this zone will be used in stead.


Best Regards


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Hi Olby. Thanks a lot for your reply, I really do appreciate it. I have to say, I read your message over and over again and I don't quite understand what you're saying :?


I do have Germany, Great Britain, and the United States installed in the countries module complete with their ISO codes and everything.


What am I doing wrong? :cry:

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Thanks for the info Olby. I've read everything about shipping in this help section and still don't understand what you are trying to tell me :( sorry.


I know I'm a pain but please continue to help me out. I have DK, UK, and US all included in my various shipping zones. I made an account for my store with a delivery address in the US. However, still I get that darn error upon checkout saying that the shipping rate cannot be calculated :evil:


I've spent hours looking over this and I still don't understand why this is happening. What else do I have to configure in zone shipping besides the countries, weights, handling fees, and shipping tables in order to get it to work?


Pending any other undexpected roadblocks, this is the last thing I need to sort out and my shop will be ready for launch (months late).


OLBY or anyone else... if you know osCommerce help me out, please.

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  • 7 months later...

Thanks for the help Schmodi, but my problem is slightly different.


I have only 2 different shipping zones, and both are ONLY country related - states are absolutely unimportant.


I entered the relevant country codes in the "Zone x Countries" input field.


As i understand the module it should look up the Users' delivery address, in partiular the shipping country, compare it with my 2 different shipping zones and calculate the shipping rate upon country code match.


As far as i understand the shipping Zones are independent of the tax zones, aren't they?


Or did i misunderstand the intended use of the module?


Thanks in advance :)

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I tested some more and it seems that you can't just leave the field for the weightcost calculation blank if you don't want to make the costs dependant on that.


Would be a good feature i think - to have PURE zonal flatrates, without any weight dependancy. I will code a contribution featuring that if i find the time.

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