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payment module - beanstream


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I tried with all 3 contributions of beanstream module , and the same thing happens:


1. it never shows as one of the payment methods, regardles is it the only method or there are more ( no radio button for bean stream )

It does show though on the next page, ( order confirmation ) with link to edit


2 second, past that screen, if remote or local selected, nothing happens except for the page about success and that shipment should be received in 3 to 5 days. there is no redirect to beanstream test account which I enabled in admin, nor if local, there is no page to enter cc info.


any ideas?

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I e-mail Mike Bridge who created the contribution and he mentioned he needs to update the driver to the latest OSCommerce version as the APIs have changed.


He may have it done late December but nothing guaranteed.


He's previously spoken with Beanstream to strike up a deal for OSCommerce support with Beanstream but they haven't pursued the option in detail.


Perhaps if we send an e-mail to [email protected] letting them know there's a demand for it, it may light a flame under their behinds.


I'm sending one right now.



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Beanstream has no plans to support OSCommerce in the future. So hopefully Mike will have this contribution done by the new year.


I've went with 2checkout in the meantime. Great price, got my account in minutes and just to change 2lines of code (found here in the forums) in the module to convert your viewed currency to USD (if you're using foreign currency) to send to 2checkout.


Works beautifully.

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