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directing viewers to catalog/default.php


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I've searched the forums and found ways to put it in the root. Wat if i dont want all this trouble ? What if i just want to make it so that they are automatically taken to catalog/default.php


Does any1 know how this is possible ?



P.S. my public_html/ only the following




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You have a few different options here, good luck:





<META HTTP-EQUIV = "Refresh" Content="0;URL=catalog/default.php">




<!-- The 0 (zero) in content is the time you want it to sit on this page until it redirects. -->






<form method="post" action="catalog/default.php">










3. Only if you are running from a windows server (ASP):



<% response.redirect "catalog/default.php" %>

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you didn't know, most web servers have an ordered list of web pages that are used when a request doesn't specify a page... different servers / hosts have a different order, but here are the general ones:


index.htm, index.html, index.asp, default.htm, default.html, default.asp


The redirect solutions listed on the previous post should be placed in one of the files above so when a request is made on your domain, it will automatically redirect.

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