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Shipping - International and by state (US)


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Has anyone implemented or can give me a few tips on how to properly implement the following shipping scenario:


I want to use the Zones Intenational Default contribution but if the customer lives in the US I need to segment shipping costs by state zones instead ala the State Based Rates contribution.


This is my sixth osc site and it seems that shipping is always the biggest issue since everyone seems to have unique schemas.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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the new version of my contributions will do that.


Its the Region Based Rates aka Stated Based Rates.



Due to popular demand, this module will now let you include countries in your regions. You can for example, include US states in one region, the states of canada in another, all the european countries in anouter. You can also combine countries and states in same region. You can also conbine states of different countries in the same region. To top it all off, you can now deterrmine the shipping cost based on number of imtes (similar to the "Per Item" built in module.




1. Added "per item" support

2. Added Country support

3. Fixed Spanish language bug




1..Regions can be composed of States and/or Countries.

2..Regions include any number states/countries (one or more).

3..Regions can include state of different countries. For example, you can have a region

that included Texas and the northern States or Mexico.

4..Order weight, price, # of items can be used to calculate shipping cost.

5..Any number of regions.

6..Handling fee can be added.




This shipping module allows you to create groups of country states(regions) and

assign a shipping price to such a region. A region can be composed of a single state/country

or of any number of states/countries. A region can also contain states from multiple countries,

and can contain a combination of countries and states.

You have the choice to calculate the shipping cost based on the total price of the

order or the total weight or on 3 of items of the order.


support for this contribution is available at:


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