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Logoff does not actually "log off", does it?


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Ok, I've thought that whenever I press the logoff button, it logs me off the service, yes, it goes to "you have successfully logged off blah blah" page but I can go back to the stage where I was logged in with simply pressing the "back button" a couple of times. I don't think one should be able to do that :wink:


Or is it somehow related to ssl? or should it be, I dunno...

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That would be because the session information is still available. Add a line to delete the session information during the logoff and that will resolve your problem.

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:!: Perhaps it is just the actual history thats stored on your drive.



:roll: did you try to buy something..


bet yet have to log in to check out. :shock:



Jusst a guess :roll:

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