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The e-commerce.

FREE CATALOG for site members


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We mail free catalogs to those that ask.


It'd be nice if we could say "create an account and we'll send you a free catalog with all our latest products" blah blah blah


(Everyone says that people chicken out on account creation, maybe this'd be good, eh?)


Anyway, there are some issues with this though. Currently, we ask them how they found us, (options for magazines, card decks etc.) in a submit form, they type all their address stuff in and submit... When we get it our catalog girl organizes all the "leads"...


It'll be the all-too-hated opt-OUT type thing (since most people want our catalog)


Option 1: (I want a catalog) /or/ (I don't want a catalog)

Default: I want a catalog


Option 2: Where'd you hear about us?

Check (not option) boxes for all our major "lead" magazines, for our card decks, etc


If Option 1 is kept (not changed) than somehow option 2 info along with new member's address must be sent to our catalog girl. (She currently receives this submitted from email)

Is this possible to do?


Can anyone help? I'm already late on this junk, and the catalogs say online ordering here now, and it's not :(


Thanks for your time,



- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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If you don't supply a newsletter then the newsletter option can be converted to your catalog option. You'll just have to change the names and option names, but the base code is already there at least.


As far as number two goes, maybe someone with some good html skills in here can help with that. I don't think creating checkboxes is that hard if I remember right.


I didn't see an option for account creation e-mails being sent to the shop owner but I swear someone wanted this so maybe it's in the contributions section. I know I haven't been much help but at least you could start on changing the newsletter options.?.

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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Thanks for your help.


I'd like to use the newsletter as well... We had attempted an e-newsletter before, but many things inhibited it (not the amount of interested customers, we had plenty of those)


I have about 30 or so different advertising "options" I need to be selectable, so I know how to efficiently use advert. money.


There'll be an initial question

Would you like our FREE catalog?



If yes the mailing info and advertising info below will need to be emailed. (Maybe in the future, it could be placed in a database)


All our advertisements have a "Mention Code" for FREE catalog, so maybe just a textbox for it is all that's needed. There'll be, say three options boxes:


O Traditional Advertisement (Magazines and Card Decks)

Please type "Mention Code" on advertisement:

-->textbox here<--


O Internet)

Please type URL, or search engine:

-->textbox here<--


O Other/Unknown)

Anything to help us know where you learned about our company, please type below:

-->textbox here<--[/b]


When we get really advanced, maybe we could offer suggestions about the mention code, if the user enters an inccorect one...


How hard would this be to do?

- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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Let me know if you get help on this - if not, I can probably help you.


I am new to osCommerce - but I can certainly create the html/dhtml to handle this for you - then you can send it whatever fashion you would like - e-mail or newsletter.


Actually got me to thinking about writing my own new customer report, that would send a similar e-mail after each person creates their account... or as I think of it now (told you I was new to osCommerce! :D ) perhaps the e-mail could be used in the "Welcome" email that is sent automatically now when someone creates the account.


As far as posting the info directly to the database, that is possible also - but obviously the user would have to be online when responding to the e-mail.


Anyway... let me know if I can help... the html form for gathering and sending you the data via e-mail is pretty straightforward... even if you want to include a dropdown box for all 30 "sources".

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