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Pay Pal IPN problem 1062 - Duplicate entry error

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Since I installed the Pay Pal IPN mod, I am getting an error: 1062 - Duplicate entry 'c9c4001150d2e7fdf91e74ae43d28370' for key 1


insert into sessions values ('c9c4001150d2e7fdf91e74ae43d28370?action=view', '1052940070', 'language|s:7:"english";languages_id|s:1:"1";selected_box|s:13:"configuration";')




I have cleared out the sessions database in mysql, but it just happens again. I am guessing that the Pay Pal IPN is writing to the same database as the other methods of payment??? Any idea how to fix this?

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I also got a this error today , then after clearing cuctomer carts content (because I thought it was due to incomplete checkout process) I found that my cust using pay pal got this error today... the script created 4 different orders in customer orders module in admin interface. each order was for a separate item the customer had ordered . but the shipping and the total on each order was the combined total and shipping for all 4 orders the system created. I did a test and disabled pay pal and did a test transaction and do not get the order anymore...


I really want to offer pay pal but something is duplicating the orders and splitting the multi-items orders into individual orders. I also just did a mod with a contribution yesterday... putting the date and order # on packingslip, invoice and order, also did mod for order# in email subject which also has a mod in there to send duplicate emails. Im wondering if thiscould be the problem?


I dont know- Im so new to this - Im learning fast though alittle by little...


If anyone has help to this pay pal problem please HELP . I wna to offer pay pal to cust.

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I think I figured it out. :D


I found that after some testing and more testing, I was getting the orders sometimes and not allways, so I narrowed it down.


I changed the primary key in the table that was getting the error to auto increment...


I'll post again if I get it again,, but i think I found the solution. I am getting the emails now and it is not duplicating it in admin.

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