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The e-commerce.

To use cache or not to use cache (that is the question) ????


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Does or has or is anyone using the cache feature in osC? I changed mine to true today and it doesn't seem to do anything. I looked at the directory it listed to write to and no new files or anything were created. Did anyone else have a problem with this?


I get no errors or messages.



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The cache's will be built when you you add or edit a category or product via Admin.


Be sure that your cache folder is set for /home/[user]/tmp/ and not /tmp/ and be sure the /home/[user]/tmp folder exists and has 777 rights.


Using the cache will significantly improve the performance of your site if your categories and products do not change daily.

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You said "add or edit" a catagory. What if all the products are entered in the system and I will not be changing any of them? Am I misunderstanding you statement? Do I need to edit them in some way to allow the caching system to help?



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i'm using a may 18, 2003 cvs snapshot, and am trying to get the cache to work.


i set force cookie usage to TRUE.


i also set use cache = TRUE


then i went into my FTP program and created a /tmp directory in my html folder, and set the permissions to 777.


then i told oscommerce in the admin that the cache directory is as follows:




the strange thing is that nothing chnaged. no error messages, but also nothing in the new tmp directory, even though i already surfed around on my site since installing it.


maybe i specified the wrong directory?

maybe i should put only the part of the path that the FTP program shows:

/websites/www.xyz.com/html/tmp/ (without the /home/usr) ?

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