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How to have different item number for each attribute?


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I have spent the past hour and a half searching through the forum to try to find a way to have a different item number for each attribute, but to no avail. However, I did come across a couple of others who were wondering about the same thing (one with selling car parts, another with selling clothes). My company is going to be selling gift items that come in different colors and/or languages, so unique item numbers would be essential in order processing/shipping procedures. The products model feature doesn't seem to support this, and I would rather not list the products separately if they only differ in colors (since they're essentially the same item). Any thoughts on the matter?


Ideally, I would want to have the system to be set up to something like this...let's say that I have a picture frame to sell that comes in 4 different colors:


Item: Picture Frame

Model: Frame001

Attribute: Color

Attribute Options & Item Numbers:

- Bronze - Frame001-001

- Gold - Frame001-002

- Silver - Frame001-003

- Black - Frame001-004


Can this be done? Any suggestions would be very helpful! :D




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Sure this could be done... with a little modification. :D


You would have to add an additional field for the Attribute Model Number in the Product Attributes table in MySQL. Then you would have to modify ANY page that would need to call or retain this new field. Not only am I referring to the Product attributes page, but also the Product Info Page, the checkout pages, class files, shopping cart, as well as invoice, packing slip and order-related pages... just to name a few.


Still want to do it?


There are two really good contributions available, Product Attributes Sorter and Copier, as well as Quantity Controller, which are both authored by Linda McGrath. I bet with some slight additions to her contributions, this feature could easily be included.


Good Luck.



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Ha ha ha. Yeah, I was looking at Linda's Attributes Sorter mod last night too, but wasn't sure if that would help. Maybe I'll just install it and see what happens.


Thanks for your help, Randy! Please do let me know if there are other suggestions to accomplish this monstrous task. :D

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Note: The Attributes Sort and Copier and the Quantity Controller are not designed for MS1 and new snapshots.


The new Shoppe Enhancement Controller v1.0, due to be released soon would be a better Add-on to use for these features.

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Thanks Linda! When should we expect the Shoppe Enhancement Controller to be released? In the meantime, any advice on how I should set up my items for better integration into the mod?


Perhaps I should just treat each item and attribute as a separate item for now? :wink:

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No trying to rush Linda or anything like that since I am sure she has better things to do, but I personally have been patiently waiting on my knees pleading for something like this for a very very very long time...


My customer does not want his shop online until I can come up with a better way to display attributes or options. He absolutely HATES the pull down and the +$20 or what ever system.

Can't really blame him, I hate it too.


He wants invidual lines for each.


I guess I just sit here chilling some more until it comes out...........

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All I can say is WOW!


That is amazing Linda.

It is almost overwhelming the options available to customize a product. Almost.

Took me a few minutes to figure out what each thing was but I created the Car Parts category

and was able to do 75% of what my clients wants to the tee.


The other 25% percent involves having a way of putting each of the options on the pull down on its own row. You know, with a price column a qty and a add to cart or buy now button. Like that other contrib. does, sorta.

But, that might not be within the scope of the Shoppe Enhancement Controller, I don't know, you tell me.


In any case, this is looking absolutely GREAT. Hats off to you Linda and keep up the good work.

I am anxiously waiting for the official release.al release.



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I have lots of updates. Just have not released any.


I am up to SECv1.0b6 for 05-18-2003 and just finalizing the SECv2.0 for MS2 as we speak.


You'd be amazed at what all this does now. :D


I will try to get the demo versions of SECv1.0b6 and v2.0 up on my site tonight or tomorrow night.

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