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The e-commerce.

What's more important to you? Space or Bandwidth?


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Ok, first off this is not an advertisement or competition. Just trying to get some ideas and suggestions.


When you are choosing a web hosting plan, what is more important to you: Space or Bandwidth?


Also, if you could setup 5 accounts, what space/bandwidth would you suggest?


1) Personal

2) Personal Plus

3) Standard

4) PowerPlan

5) Commercial


I'm just trying to get an idea on what people are looking for and what people think is fair.




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There?s no such thing as ?Unlimited bandwidth?. Most people don?t know what bandwidth they will require. 5GB per month and 100MB space will be enough for most people, once you go over about 30GB per month for a site with lots of dynamically generated pages (OScommerce) it?s worth getting a dedicated server.

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your right about that!


but it's better to get a "unlimited" contract thus your site will not go down

because of it...and you won't get that "you need to upgrade " letter or (in some cases) get a BILL for the useage.


IF and when you HIT 30gig a month it will be more of a speed issue than anything else. Sales should reflect good sooo getting a dedicated server would be wise


have fun


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I didn't think you could get unlimited bandwidth on a shared server. Although they say "Unlimited" it's usually capped at around 6 gigs a month. If you go a little over sometimes then you won't be charged, but if you're constantly going over, they'll let you know. That's just been my experience.

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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