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Skill Requirements for OsCommerce?


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I am starting a small business and debating implementing osCommerce. What skills are necessary to implement and run this program?


I know limited HTML; I use Dreamweaver & Flash for site design. Is this a program I can use without programming knowledge? If not, what would be necessary to learn?





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Start by reading the docs at http://wiki.oscommerce.com/


That should give you a feel for what's in store. If you're happy with the basic layout of OSC then it's a simple matter to change the logo and the colors in the stylesheet. The more original you want it to be the more work you have ahead of you but with a little reading and playing around it pretty much works out of the box. :wink:

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the osC shopping cart is one of the most powerful carts out there, with tons of support.




a PHD in php is required.


If your happy with the "out of box" layout

as rseigel suggests, your fine.


I personally know of a store that turns 5K a month

with an "out of box" design.


It functions well.


it's the best shopping cart for the shoestring budgit.


You might consider finding a converted store for download,

there are a few out there



have fun



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Skills, assets and virtues required:


1. Patience

2. Your favourite drink always handy

3. An understanding wife

4. A 24hr connection and/or a testing server on your machine

5. An understanding of the concept of dynamically generated pages

6. Googling correctly (for help in sql, php, chmod etc)

7. Not being afraid of commenting out lines of code or changing some according to forum replies/documentation

8. More patience

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I didn't know much about php or mysql when I started. A book that combines both of them is: "PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition by Luke Welling, Laura Thomson. I found it to be one of the best and it has helped me understanding the concept much better.


Here's a link to it on Amazon.com. Of course you may purchase your book wherever. Support the local business I say.



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