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no config.php in Admin/catalog folder?


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this is what the website said:"

The 'configure.php' file is mainly used by developers to keep their local server settings separate to the standard distribution package.


This file can also be useful for those developing on multiple computers, accessing the same or different database.


For example, this allows you to work on your shop locally, with perhaps a backup of the live database, and when ready to make your changes live, transfer the modified files to the live server without overwriting it's 'includes/local/configure.php' file. This allows you to use the same source files anywhere with different configuration parameters.


The 'includes/local/configure.php' file is included from 'includes/application_top.php', which typically has the following structure:






if (file_exists('includes/local/configure.php')) {




// For Preview Release 2.2




Please note that these filenames have the same name, but are located in different directories.


If 'includes/local/configure.php' exists, it is included. Here you can insert the parameters for your local or live server. These parameters may already exist either in 'includes/application_top.php', 'includes/configure.php', or elsewhere.


Because 'includes/application_top.php' includes 'includes/local/configure.php' first (if it exists), all parameters in this file overwrite any values set afterwards.


This is due to the parameter values being set as constants, not as variables. Unlike a normal variable, once a constant has been set its value can no longer be changed."



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