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Unable to connect to database server! - MESSAGE

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I am installing oscommerce for the first time, and am having some bumps along the way.


The README or rather the INSTALL text for the "exchange project preview release 2.1" says in step 4 to view the file 'catalog/includes/application_top.php' and make any necessary changes.

This assumes that I know what changes are necessary.

I think they are the following (I will cut and past snippets of what i actually have in the application_top.php file.)


// WS = Webserver (virtual)

define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://maitlandcp.com');

define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://maitlandcp.com');


// define our database connection

define('DB_SERVER', '/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/maitlandcp.com');

define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'mysql');

define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', 'password');

define('DB_DATABASE', 'catalog.sql');

define('USE_PCONNECT', 1);


I created a database user named 'mysql' with the password of 'password' and my database is also called catalog (with or without the .sql as a suffix- i have tried both?)


I have tried to fix this on my own before cluttering up the community forum. I apologize for my ignorance, but I really do need help.

If anyone can send me some info as to what variable need to be changed in the file above and or where I can learn more about PHP scripting, I would appreaciate it greatly.


Thank You,


David Jackson

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Is this the newest oscommerce? tep-pr2.1.zip


"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/maitlandcp.com/httpdocs/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 15


Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/maitlandcp.com/httpdocs/catalog/default.php on line 21


Warning: Failed opening 'DIR_WS_INCLUDESinclude_once.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/psa/apache/lib/php') in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/maitlandcp.com/httpdocs/catalog/default.php on line 21


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